Here at Simply Magpie we offer a little bit of erverything within flight sim, and welcome people of all ages and abilities. More of a flying club than a Virtual Airline, we pride ourselves on being a friendly and helpful home for virtual pilots.

Magpie Gate, is where you can fly within FS9, FSX, or P3D and build up your flight logs. Fly one of our scheduled routes or one you make yourself. You can also take part in events, tours, and group flights and can find more information within this site and our facebook page. If you are interested in virtual money for flying then our group within fseconomy is the place you need.

Magpie X, is for anyone who wants to become or already is an airshow pilot. We aim to get together a fixed wing and also a rotor team that will take part in online virtual airshows. We welcome new pilots and also experienced pilots who can help towards making us successful.